Episode 5 – Gilead Media


In this episode, I focus on Gilead Media, a Wisconsin-based DIY label that can’t seem to stop doing everything right. Over the last year in particular, the label has released a slew of top tier albums that has kept its name on the lips of every metal fan and critic within earshot. Just this month, Gilead, partnering with 20 Buck Spin, put on the first annual (I hope) Migration Fest in Olympia, WA, which had one of the sickest festival lineups I’ve ever seen. Look at this madness:


And that’s not even the final lineup.

If it seems like I’m fanboying right now, it’s because I totally am. Hard. Adam Bartlett, the owner and operator of Gilead, has been working hard for over 10 years to bring his vision to fruition, and that work is paying off. I can’t wait to see what’s next.


The tracklist for this episode is listed below. If you find yourself enjoying any of these albums, please throw down a few bucks to support the artists and the label. That’s what this is all about, after all. Thanks for listening.

Pale Chalice – “Bound by Intransigent Flight” from the album Negate the Infinite and Miraculousbuy

Anicon – “The World As Will” from the album Exegesesbuy

Fórn – “Dolor (Part 1)” from the EP Weltschmerz buy

False – “The Deluge” from the album Untitled (2015)buy

Lake of Violet – “Backwards Light” from the album The Startling Testimony of Plumb Linesbuy

Dead to a Dying World – “Eventide” from the album Litanybuy

מזמור (Mizmor) – “i. Woe Regains My Substance” from the album Yodhbuy

Episode 5 – Gilead Media

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