Episode 4 – I, the Rifffinder


I didn’t feel much like talking in this month’s episode, so I let the riffs do all the work, a decision which I’m sure none of you will be sad about. This is a collection of what I believe to be the best of the best riff-makers in 2016, with a little something extra thrown in at the end that I couldn’t resist including.


As always, here is a list of the tracks used in this episode, and a link to where you can buy and/or pre-order the albums they came from.

Roll a spliff and light it up. Grooves are always better when they’re riding on a haze.

Belzebub – “Diabolical Dopenosis” from the album Greenfernobuy

9:25 – Wo Fat – “There’s Somethin Sinister In the Wind” from the up-coming album Midnight Comethpre-order (releases May 20)

19:07 – Slabdragger – “Mercenary Blues” from the album Rise of the Dawncrusherbuy

32:40 – Battalions – “Whiskey and Wine” from the album Nothing to Losebuy

36:54 – Beastwars – “Devils of Last Night” from the album The Death of All Thingsbuy

43:02 – Elephant Tree – “Aphotic Blues” from the album Elephant Treebuy

49:21 – Wo Fat – “Machine Gun (Jimi Hendrix cover)” from the compilation Best of James Marshall Hendrixbuy

Thanks for listening!

Episode 4 – I, the Rifffinder

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